Local Electrician Markham

You don’t need to look any further if you want to have new electrical wiring put in your home or office. We are the most trusted local electrician in Markham and have been serving the city and its surrounding areas for 10 years. Call us now for your project this will help you create, budget, and plan it well.

This will help you create, budget, and plan it well. To make sure your new electrical job goes smoothly, get help from our licensed, bonded, and qualified technicians.

Our local electrician in Markham can assess and fix electrical issues including a broken light switch, a pool motor that won’t work, or a parking lot pole that’s missing lights. For business, commercial, and home electrical issues, LK Electric offers the best prices.

We install landscape lighting, specialty electric, and full-house generators. Landscape lighting enhances driveways and walkways. Everything we do is guaranteed. Highly educated and prepared personnel can help with any electrical need. You can call us 24/7.